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Robot vacuum cleaner workshops offer an immersive learning experience in robotics, where participants learn to create practical projects like a robot vacuum cleaner. Through interactive sessions and hands-on projects, workshops cover the following key aspects:

  • Introduction to robotics: Participants receive an overview of robotics principles, including mechanics, electronics, and programming fundamentals.

  • Robot vacuum cleaner design: Workshops guide participants through the process of designing and assembling a robot vacuum cleaner, from selecting components to building the chassis and integrating sensors.

  • Programming and control: Participants learn to program the robot vacuum cleaner to perform tasks such as navigation and obstacle avoidance, using languages like Python.

  • Testing and optimization: Engaging in practical exercises, participants test their robot vacuum cleaner prototypes in various environments, troubleshoot issues, and optimize performance.

  • Real-world applications: By exploring the practical applications of robotics in household automation, participants gain insight into the potential of robot vacuum cleaners and similar devices to enhance everyday living.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Kit (Upcoming)

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