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  •  Light-tracking solar panel projects offer an interactive and educational journey into renewable energy technology, empowering participants to create practical solutions for maximizing solar energy generation. Throughout the project, participants engage in hands-on activities and guided exploration, focusing on the following key aspects:

  • Solar energy fundamentals: Participants delve into the principles of solar energy and photovoltaic technology, understanding the basics of how solar panels generate electricity from sunlight.

  • Design and assembly: Guided instructions and materials enable participants to construct their light-tracking solar panel, from selecting suitable components to assembling the panel structure and integrating light sensors.

  • Programming and automation: Participants learn to configure the solar panel system to autonomously track the sun's movement throughout the day, optimizing energy capture and output using programming languages such as C++.

  • Testing and refinement: Hands-on experimentation allows participants to test their light-tracking solar panel prototypes under various lighting conditions, troubleshoot any issues, and refine the design for improved performance.

  • Real-world applications: Discussions explore the practical applications of light-tracking solar panels in enhancing energy efficiency and sustainability, highlighting their potential contributions to residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

Light Tracking Solar Panel Kit (Upcoming)

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