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Introducing the House IOT Kit - the perfect way to learn about smart home technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) through hands-on building and coding! This kit contains everything you need to replicate and build small-scale smart home applications.


The House IOT Kit features three innovative and fun projects: the Dimming LED, the Motion Alarm, and the Hand-Controlled Fan. With these projects, you'll learn how to build and connect physical robotics to real-world examples and gain valuable experience in programming, engineering, and STEM.


The Dimming LED project allows you to control the brightness of an LED light with a microcontroller. You'll learn about the fundamentals of programming and electronics while building a useful and practical application.


The Motion Alarm project lets you build a simple but effective alarm that detects motion using sensors. You'll learn how to connect and program sensors, and how to use them to control other devices.


The Hand-Controlled Fan project teaches you how to build a fan that you can control with hand gestures. You'll learn how to use sensors to detect hand movements, and how to program microcontrollers to control the fan speed.


With the House IOT Kit, you'll gain valuable experience in coding, engineering, and IoT technology. This kit is perfect for anyone who is interested in smart home technology, from beginners to experienced coders, students, teachers, and hobbyists.


Each project in the House IOT Kit is carefully crafted to provide you with hands-on experience and a deep understanding of the technology that powers smart homes. With its innovative and fun projects, this kit is sure to provide hours of educational fun and the opportunity to innovate and create. Join us today and start building a smarter future!

Kit B - House IoT Kit

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