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  • - The color sorter bot project offers an immersive exploration into automation and industrial applications, empowering participants to design and build a bot capable of sorting colored chips into designated sections. Throughout the project, participants engage in hands-on activities and guided exploration, focusing on the following key aspects:

  • Automation fundamentals: Participants delve into fundamental concepts of automation, including mechanical design, sensor integration, and control systems.

  • Color sorting mechanism: Projects guide participants through the design and assembly of a color sorter bot, from selecting appropriate components to building the frame and integrating the sorting mechanism.

  • Programming and control: Participants learn to program the sorter bot to accurately identify and sort colored chips based on predefined criteria, using languages such as Arduino or C++, to ensure efficient and precise sorting.

  • Industrial applications: Discussions explore the practical applications of color sorter bots in industries such as manufacturing, agriculture, and recycling, showcasing their role in streamlining processes and increasing productivity.

  • Hands-on experimentation: Participants test their color sorter bot prototypes in simulated industrial environments, refining algorithms and optimizing performance to meet industry standards.

  • Future implications: Discussions also touch on the future implications of automation and robotics in industry, highlighting the potential for innovation and advancement in various sectors.

Color Sorter Bot (Upcoming)

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