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Siddarth Nandyala

“Innovation is the heartbeat of progress, fueling the journey from imagination to transformation” - Siddarth Nandyala

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Our Founder

  • As the visionary CEO of STEM IT, Siddarth Nandyala epitomizes the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship at a remarkably young age of 13. His passion for technology and STEM education has propelled him to become the world's youngest Arduino Certified Professional, demonstrating his expertise in electronics and programming. Additionally, Siddarth has been certified for PCEP by the Python Institute, showcasing his proficiency in Python programming, and has received certification from Arm for edge AI, highlighting his understanding of cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies. Siddarth's dedication to mastering these advanced skills underscores his commitment to empowering students worldwide with the knowledge and tools to succeed in the rapidly evolving fields of coding, robotics, and engineering. As a leader, Siddarth inspires both his team and students alike to embrace curiosity, creativity, and lifelong learning on their journey to becoming the engineers and inventors of tomorrow.


STEM IT is a groundbreaking educational company committed to empowering students worldwide with essential STEM skills. Through innovative STEM solutions, products, and services, we provide an immersive learning experience in building, coding, and engineering. Our mission revolves around shaping future engineers and inventors, ensuring students are equipped with the necessary skills to thrive in coding, robotics, and engineering. With a focus on interactive and enjoyable learning, we believe in nurturing creativity and potential while preparing students for the challenges of tomorrow.


At STEM IT, we are dedicated to fostering a future-ready generation. By offering a diverse range of courses and programs tailored to various skill levels, we strive to make learning STEM accessible and engaging for all students. Our passionate team is committed to facilitating learning through play, recognizing that this approach enhances skill development. As advocates for the transformative power of STEM education, we take pride in guiding students on their journey of discovery and innovation, ultimately empowering them to become proficient builders, coders, and engineers poised to shape the future.


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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